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The Four Aces
A Comedy Crime Drama performed by the Vienna Boys Choir Primary School

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When the Countess holds a ball in Steingartenau, something mysterious happens. Johannes, the son of the Countess, disappears without a trace. Fortunately Kasper, Caroline, Xaver and Josephine are on hand. Better known as “The Four Aces”, these four detectives start their investigations immediately. The Aces soon discover that is not only Johannes who has disappeared, but one of the Unkiwunkis as well.

Is there a connection? Could it be the Unkiwunki who took Johannes away? If so, why? And most important of all – what on earth is an Unkiwunki?

This is the start of an adventure, a mysterious journey which leads the Four Aces deep into the heart of the African jungle and into the realm of the enchanting Princess Kleophea. If only they can find the answers here, and find Johannes once again …

Ticket prices:

Children and young people up to 18: 9 € / 7 € / 5 €

Adults: 15 € / 13 € / 11 €, Box seats: 25 €

  • Libretto: Katharina Siegl
  • director: Daniel Hackenberg
  • music and musical direction: Arnold Schlechter
  • costume and sets: Claudia Raab
  • choreography: Carina Fischer