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The Good Shepherds
Christmas 2014 with the Vienna Boys' Choir

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The shepherds play a key role in the Christmas story; they are known for their faith, their dignity and their trustworthiness. In ancient times, the kings of the Near East saw themselves as shepherds of their people. In the Bible, God Himself is the Good Shepherd. Everyone can identify with a shepherd; this is true of all of us.

Shepherds have always made music, whether for themselves or for their animals, by using their voice, or playing the aulos, the gemshorn or the bagpipes. From shepherds’ songs of the Middle Ages to nomadic songs from the Holy Land, this year’s Vienna Boys’ Choir Christmas Concert spans a wide range. As well as the traditional Christmas carols, you will also hear a premiere performance.

Choruses and arias from Handel’s Messiah, which take up the theme of keeping watch over the flock, provide both the structure and the centrepiece for the Good Shepherds concert. The audience is invited to join in with the famous Hallelujah chorus at the close of the piece.

Tickets: €45/39/32; box seats €55; children and young people €20/15/9

  • choir: Chorus Juventus
  • choir: Wiener Sängerknaben
  • musical director: Gerald Wirth
  • orchestra: Schubert Akademie
  • choir: Chorus Viennensis