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The Good Shepherds
Christmas 2015 with the Vienna Boys' Choir

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Vienna Boys’ Choir and guests.

Known for their faith, dignity and trustworthiness, the shepherds play a key role in the Christmas story. Being a shepherd is a noble calling: a shepherd tends and protects his flock. In ancient times, the kings of the Near East saw themselves as shepherds, caring for their people. In the Bible, God Himself is the Good Shepherd. And being a shepherd is an ancient vocation. Everyone can identify with shepherds – they represent all of us. Shepherds have always made music with their voice, flute or drum, whether for themselves or for their animals. In this year’s Christmas Concert, the Vienna Boys’ Choir offer an insight into the shepherd’s life, with shepherds’ Christmas songs and herdsman’s songs from right around the world. Come and enjoy classics such as “Kommet, ihr Hirten”, “Was soll das bedeuten?” and “Quem pastores laudavere”, as well as rarely heard motets and other pieces based on the shepherd’s way of life.
The framework for the concert is provided by choruses and arias from Handel’s Messiah – his oratorio about the greatest shepherd of all. The audience is invited to join in with the famous Hallelujah chorus at the close of the piece.

The programme is also available as a CD, so you can listen again or give the music to others as a gift.
Tickets: Band A €45/ B €39/ C €32; box seats €55
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Schubert-Akademie
  • Chorus Juventus Chorus Juventus
  • Chorus Viennensis Chorus Viennensis
  • Gerald Wirth
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