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Foto: Alexi Pelekanos

The Government Inspector (in German)
A town turned upside-down / by Nikolai Gogol

* abgespielt

Written in 1836, “The Government Inspector” is a wild comedy of errors. In the play Gogol shows us a strongly hierarchical and corrupt society riddled with submissiveness and delusions of grandeur. Gogol looks deep into the Russian provincial soul and paints a vivid portrait thereof, all set against the background of an unmanageable administrative apparatus, in which bribery and corruption are the order of the day.

The apparent arrival of a high-ranking official from Moscow – the “Government Inspector”, who is supposed to check that everything is in order – throws the whole town into a state of panic. As concerns rise that certain issues may come to light — the lack of hygiene in the local hospital, the extremely lax interpretation of the curriculum in the school, the absurd practices of the court — a raft of favours is granted, not without risk. This sets in motion a series of events that derails the whole corrupt system.

Tickets: Band A €24/ B €19/ C €14; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: A €14 / B €11 / C €8


  • Cast: Wiener Kindertheater Ensemble (over 100 children and young people)
  • Theatre Director: Sylvia Rotter
  • Direction: Petrica Voicu
  • Direction: Di Trevis
  • Choreography: Victoria Bucun
  • Stage design: Anna Feilkas
  • Costume: Petra Maria Eder
  • Props: Eva Redtenbacher-Kohout
  • Music: Julia Meinx