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The Little Sweep 2018
A Children’s Opera by Benjamin Britten

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What happens when a group of children, acting on their own initiative, set out to create their own opera? We follow the progress of a piece from conception to completed project. The idea “Let’s make an opera” translates into frantic planning, developing story lines, drafting in grown-up helpers, constructing sets and auditioning for the cast. Very soon everyone agrees on the plot: the story of the boy Sammy, who is sold by his father to Black Bob, the brutal chimney sweep, and is helped to escape by a group of children and his brave nanny. They bathe the sooty “black boy” and cover his tracks. The children hide him under their toys and give him something to eat. And when it seems the curmudgeonly housekeeper Miss Baggott is about to discover his hiding place, one of the group pretends to faint.

Borne on the wings of their imagination, the young actors take us on a journey behind the curtain and out onto the stage, a stage which represents the world — a place where having a sense of self helps deal with the harsh realities of life.

Tickets: Band A €32/ B €29/ C €26; box seats €42
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9