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Foto: Reinhard Werner

The Brave Little Tailor (Das tapfere Schneiderlein)
The highly successful production by Wiener Taschenoper, now back with a brand new look

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A comical hero heads out into the world. He vanquishes giants, defeats wild boar and conquers a unicorn. Because of this, he wins the hand of a princess — and with her, a kingdom. Based on the classic by the Brothers Grimm, Wolfgang Mitterer wrote this, his first children’s opera, as a commission for Wiener Taschenoper. Mitterer specialises in sound sampling, and there’s no shortage of samples in The Brave Little Tailor. He takes the buzzing of flies, the grunts of wild boar, the snoring of giants and the sound of wedding bells, and weaves them all into a rich acoustic backdrop.

After a period of more than ten years, Wiener Taschenoper present their highly successful production from 2006, now back with a brand new look. The Brave Little Tailor enjoyed over fifty performances, and was met with wild enthusiasm from both press and public alike.

“Writing a children’s opera is no easy thing. Often what is achieved falls somewhere between a musical and an exercise in boredom.  (…) Mitterer’s knowledge and his precise understanding of how to use bass, sound samples and manufactured sounds has resulted in a piece of witty musical theatre, free from the usual platitudes.” Wiener Zeitung

“Mitterer’s intelligent use of his material is combined with an extremely concise dramatic technique (…) The comings and goings on the stage are highly visual, and full of entertaining detail and keen observations, and the characters are sharply delineated.” Der Standard


Tickets: Band A €32/ B €29/ C €26; box seats €42
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Music: Wolfgang Mitterer
  • Libretto: Helga Utz
  • Staging: Jevgenij Sitochin