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Die Zauberflöte, Foto: (C)Sergej Cecic

The Magic Flute
Opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / A Sternenflammenden Oper Wien project

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The Magic Flute – a wonder-filled tale of adventure? Or an internal monologue? Or an individual’s personal fears, presented in the guise of a fairy-tale? Alternative interpretations of the work’s meaning are many and varied. And its individual characters are equally diverse; their search for answers is the driving force within Mozart’s mysterious two-act opera. Like a young character in this opera, young people in our society try to become part of the world they live in and escape loneliness …

This is an extremely complex work. Its raw material – its themes – are equally well-suited to the worlds of cinema and literature. Its relevance is timeless, and it is understood afresh by each new generation. And so it is that, at just 22 years of age, the co-founders of Sternflammenden Oper Wien, Ralph Volpert (musical direction) and Leila Schütz (production), have taken on the challenge of creating a new, enthusiastic ensemble. Their Magic Flute is about gaining freedom, recognition – and love!

Tickets: €40/30/20, box seats €50, children and young people €20/15/9

  • Music: W.A. W.A.
  • Libretto: Emanuel Emanuel
  • Director: Leila Schütz
  • Director's assistant: Adele Thoma
  • Musical Director: Ralph E. Volpert
  • Musical Assistant: Norbert Polek
  • Costumes: Lena Pietsch
  • Make-up: Klara Leschanz
  • Sarastro: Max Bell
  • Tamino: Sean Michael Azucena
  • Queen of the Night: Johanna Kräuter
  • Pamina: Amelie Hois
  • First lady: Xinzi Hou
  • Second lady: Elisabeth Kirchner
  • Third lady: Ana Maric
  • First boy: Sophie Lerchbaumer
  • Second boy: Adele Thoma
  • Third boy: Jaidee Meixner
  • Papageno: Sebastian Peissl
  • Papagena: Magdalena Hallste
  • Monostatos: Raphael Reichart