Musik & Theater

The New Year Concert
With Hubsi Kramar, Lydia Rathkolb and the Camerata Schulz Vienna chamber ensemble

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Returning to MuTh after the sensational success of previous years. Treat yourself to an exhilarating evening, full of laughter and the finest pleasures music has to offer. Come and join in our celebrations!

We can promise a rich variety of art and cultural events next year, and we’re getting 2018 off to a rousing start with a mix of music and literature. The music of Camerata Schulz Wien offers a brief glance backwards as well as a look ahead, and Hubsi Kramar presents a pot-pourri of texts by well-known authors.

The actor Hubsi Kramar is perhaps most familiar from his many TV appearances, but is also well-known for his work in the theatre. Tonight he delves into the meaning of New Year through a variety of texts embodying poetic emotion, intelligence and simple good humour, all to a chamber music accompaniment.

This is the centenary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth. To mark the occasion, the soprano Lydia Rathkolb, a member of the Wiener Staatsoper ensemble, performs a selection of well-known arias from works by Bernstein himself, as well by Gershwin, Lehar, and others.

Start your New Year here at MuTh, and join us in a toast to 2018!

Tickets: Band A €56/ B €48/ C €40; box seats €66
The ticket price includes one glass of Sekt before the performance and another during the interval.