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Die Opernprobe Die Opernprobe

The Opera Rehearsal
or The Noblemen Amateurs, by Gustav Albert Lortzing

* abgespielt

What happens when a baron decides he doesn’t want to marry the bride his father has found for him? He runs away — far away — fleeing with his manservant. His flight takes him to the garden of a count so obsessed with music that he makes his staff and his entire family sing and perform. Of course, the baron immediately falls for the count’s charming daughter. At the same time, the baron is masquerading as an itinerant musician, a tenor singer. There is also a maid in the mix, a clever and daring girl who sees through all the pretence and shapes the course of events. Albert Lortzing’s final work is a marvellous piece, full of action and humour.
This fast-moving comedy is performed by members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the MuTh ensemble. The production also offers some wry insights into the daily life of the Choir and the team here at MuTh: the performance must go ahead, no matter how challenging the circumstances. The opening night has to take place as scheduled. Everyone must play their part, even if the stage collapses and there’s no time to rehearse! The show must go on!