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The Piggy Bank – Benefiz-Matinée
by Eugène Labiche / A Vienna Children's Theatre production

* abgespielt

“Talking, not violence” – this principle is one of the main cornerstones of the Vienna Children’s Theatre. It is a concept which the theatre’s drama students, both large and small (they are between 5 and 18 years of age), guided by director Sylvia Rotter and her team, have particularly taken to heart. The “Rotter method” inspires young people of various ages, who come from different social backgrounds and have their origins in different countries, to enjoy drama and language. Through improvisation, rhythm, dance, and working on classic texts from world literature, they are helped to develop into enthusiastic, creative individuals.

Eugène Labiche loved theatrical effects, wild mix-ups, rumbustious farces and unexpected encounters. The Piggy Bank starts off quite harmlessly, but increasingly changes into a situation whereby one event rapidly leads to another, and the characters lose their footing.

In German