Musik & Theater

Sinkovicz Dr. Wilhelm Sinkovicz, Foto: Stanislav Jenis

The “Presse” Musiksalon
Moderator and host: Dr Wilhelm Sinkovicz


“Presse” music critic Wilhelm Sinkovicz really looks forward to “his” music salons! But what he looks forward to most is the opportunity to provide his guests with insights — in his customary charming and highly informative style — into upcoming highlights in the musical programme.

The technical facilities at MuTh, including our giant screen, are the ideal environment for creating a sense of anticipation about forthcoming events. These include opera premieres and numerous other productions that the Musikverein, the Vienna Konzerthaus – and of course MuTh – have to offer. A full-size classic cinema setting, plus a witty commentary, in the company of major stars and young talents who are just starting out.