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Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell

The Roaring Eighties – An inspiration for today?
Wissen Sie schon...(Did you know)? Sprinzl in the MuTh

The Roaring Eighties are back again! But we don’t mean the 1980s. We’re talking here about the 1780s. Back then great composers such as Haydn and Mozart were roaming in and around Vienna. But there were others too, such as Paisiello, Vanhal, Cimarosa, Salieri and Dittersdorf. And sometimes they even performed together — to the great delight of their audience. Yes, things were pretty cool back in the Eighties. Theatres and concert halls were being built, and almost every month a new opera would be premiered. Fresh symphonies, Masses, and chamber music emerged as if rolling off a production line. Yet these works were always of the highest standard. A time of optimism, with the sense of a new beginning! An inspiration for today?

  • Host: Michael Sprinzl