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The Singing Club
A men’s choir concert featuring popular music from the late Renaissance and the 20th century

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“Singing Clubs” were a regular feature of English social life during the early 17th century. In coffee houses and hostelries, gentlemen gathered together to eat, to drink and, especially, to sing.

The simplicity of these performances venues is reflected in the unsophisticated nature of the repertoire. The musical fare had to be easy to digest — as readily digestible, in fact, as the greatest hits of 20th-century pop stars. The distance between these two periods seems ridiculous; but Chorus Viennensis bestride the gap and show us that — at least in terms of content — not that much changed from the time of John Dowland to the time of Phil Collins …

With works by Thomas Tallis, John Dowland, the Beatles, Queen and others.

Tickets: Band A €28/ B €22/ C €16; box seats €34;
Wheelchair users: €15

  • Choir: Chorus Viennensis
  • Conductor: Florian Maierl