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190416_The Sound of Vienna Charme © Lona Barce 190416_The Sound of Vienna Charme © Lona Barce

The Sound of Vienna Charm – Leonhard Leeb’s visit to China
Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime)

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In 2017, Leonhard Leeb was invited to perform in China as part of the International Culture Cooperation initiative. He presented his much-loved works “Allegro Stradivari” and “The Queen’s Walk” to audiences in Mianyang and Deyang. Reliving that visit tonight are Etelka Seilei (soprano), Martin Mairinger (tenor), Martin Listabarth (piano), Severin Pöchmüller (saxophone), Stephan Rausch (harmonica), Fabio Kapeller (percussion), Yao Yao (compere) and Leonhard Leeb (trumpet).

Tickets: €16; balcony €16; box seats €24; senior citizens €13; children, young people and wheelchair users €8

  • Soprano: Etelka Seilei
  • Tenor: Martin Mairinger
  • Piano: Martin Listabarth
  • Trumpet: Leonhard Leeb
  • Saxophone: Severin Pöchmüller
  • Harmonica: Stephan Rausch
  • Percussion: Fabio Kapeller
  • Presenter: Yao Yao