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The Steude Quartet
Debussy / Shih / Beethoven

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This season brings another opportunity to enjoy the sound of the Vienna strings at their finest with the Steude Quartet at MuTh. Members of the Vienna Philharmonic founded the quartet in 2002, continuing the long tradition of string quartets emerging from the ranks of the world-famous orchestra. These chamber musicians combine the best of both worlds. Firstly, they have their orchestral activities, which involve an incredible repertoire of over sixty operas and symphonic works; and secondly, their chamber music encourages a focus on the essence of the works. The exciting interplay between the two promotes a fruitful exchange, and this has led to a continuous expansion of the repertoire, with 20th century works and intriguing premiere performances.

These wonderful musical experiences are rounded off by their encounters with other artists. Fortunately, the Steude Quartet have documented their music in numerous CD recordings, making their work accessible to an increasing number of enthusiasts.

Claude Debussy: Danses
André Caplet: Conte fantastique
Shih: A Bar for String Quartet and Harp
Claude Debussy: Claire de lune – with Charlotte Balzereit-Zell
Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet No. 10 in E flat major, Op. 74, the “Harp Quartet”

Tickets: Band A € 34 / B € 29 / C € 24; Box seats:€ 44 Children and young people: A € 20 / B € 15 / C € 9

  • violin: Holger Groh
  • viola: Elmar Landerer
  • cello: Wolfgang Härtel
  • harp: Charlotte Balzereit-Zell
  • leader: Volkhard Steude