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The Unfinished
Schubert for all the senses – classical music, literature & puppetry

* abgespielt

What happens when a conductor, a writer and a puppeteer all decide to create something together? A thrilling evening and a highly charged atmosphere; an experience that demands all the senses. An evening which combines classical music, literature and the performing arts. Puppeteer Nikolaus Habjan brings a shape and a voice to Angelika Reitzer’s writings on the subject of Schubert’s “Unfinished”. Camerata Schulz, conducted by Elisabeth Attl, provides the evening’s music, beguiling the audience with some stunning interpretations of Schubert’s work.

Programme:  Overture in the Italian Style in D major, D 590 / Symphonic fragment in E major, D729 (110-115 bars orchestrated by Schubert, then the composition breaks off) / text by Angelika Reitzer / Symphony in B minor, D 759, the “Unfinished”

Tickets: €34/29/24, box seats €44, children and young people €20/15/9

Musical direction: Elisabeth Attl / Camerata Schulz
Text: Angelika Reitzer / Puppetry: Nikolaus Habjan

  • puppeteer: Nikolaus Habjan
  • lyrics: Angelika Reitzer
  • musical director: Elisabeth Attl
  • Camerata Schulz