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„Ehemaliger“ Peter Weck mit aktiven Sängerknaben, Foto: Kristian Bissuti „Ehemaliger“ Peter Weck mit aktiven Sängerknaben, Foto: Kristian Bissuti

The Vienna Boys’ Choir & friends
Concert by the “Friends of the Vienna Boys' Choir” association

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An evening of great variety with the Vienna Boys’ Choir and leading artists from the worlds of music and theatre. The proceeds from this concert will go towards special training programmes for the Vienna Boys’ Choir. In the past, the Friends Association has raised awareness about voice training as well as the acts of appearing on stage and before the camera. This has been done by holding multi-day international symposiums for (and with) the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Examples include “Children’s voice training” or “Presence and performance”. The choristers’ main assets are their voices, which constitute both the trademark and the capital of this, the most famous boys’ choir in the world. Each chorister remains active in the choir for a period of around four years, a period whose end is predetermined by the breaking of their voice. The Friends Association is aiming to organise a further symposium for the new young voices who are coming through. High-quality instructors will make a significant contribution to this initiative, both through their lectures and practical work with the Choir.

Adrian Eröd,  Daniela Fally, Janoska Ensemble, Eduard Kutrowatz, Johannes Kutrowatz, Marika Lichter, Herbert Lippert, Sandra Pires, Gustavo Queresma, Daniel Serafin, Monica Theiss-Eröd, Peter Weck, Moderation: Silvia Schneider