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The Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra
Homage to Richard Strauss and Béla Bartók / Conductor: Daniel Meyer (USA)

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The Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra (WJO) has been honoured with international awards. Recognised as an outstanding forge for new talent, its name is a guarantee of lively musical interpretations. At the start of its summer tour, the WJO offers a concert which sets Béla Bartók’s glittering “Concerto for orchestra” against two orchestral highlights by Richard Strauss, whose birth is being commemorated this year. The appearance of the American conductor Daniel Meyer, who is standing on the WJO rostrum for the first time, is also awaited with excitement. Enjoy a delightful evening packed full of youthful music-making joy!

RICHARD STRAUSS: Don Juan, tone poem Op. 20 (1889)
RICHARD STRAUSS: Duet Concertino for clarinet and bassoon with harp and string orchestra (1947)
BELÁ BARTÓK: Concerto for orchestra (1943)

Tickets: €30/24/18; Children and young people €20/15/10