Musik & Theater

The Wiener Klangkommune
Presented by Jeunesse in collaboration with MuTh

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Good classical music is more than just a museum of historical sounds, intended only for a circle of the elite! The musicians in the Wiener Klangkommune understand music’s importance and want to help in re-discovering its original home – conveying energy.

A choice selection of professional young musicians who have already made their mark in top-flight orchestras combine here with others who, even now, have made a name for themselves as soloists. They offer individual interpretations to the highest standard, presented in a variety of settings (dependent on the piece), ranging from a duo to full chamber orchestra.

F. Hasenöhrl : Till Eulenspiegel with a difference! / Grotesque musicale Op. 34
A. Blanc : Septet Op. 40
J. Françaix: À huit / Octet for wind and strings
H. Ferguson : Octet Op. 4

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €
Children and young people: A 13.50 € / B 12 € / C 10.50 €

Tickets available from or call (01) 505 63 56

  • violin: Kristina Suklar
  • violin: Thomas Künlböck
  • viola: Barnaba Poprawski
  • cello: Yishu Jiang
  • double bass: Lukas Ströcker
  • clarinet: Christoph Zimper
  • bassoon: Bernhard Krabatsch
  • horn: Sebastian Löschberge