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Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble: Yiddish Tango
The Jewish songbook from Eastern Europe

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For centuries, Yiddish songs and Klezmer music have been an important feature in the cultural life of the Jews of Eastern Europe.
This tradition is now thriving in German-speaking countries. Uprooted from their original context of weddings and other Jewish celebrations, this music has increasingly become a regular feature at prestigious festivals and in concert series.
Poignant texts have survived which serve as vivid testimonies to the Holocaust. But these songs are
not only concerned with killing and death; they also tell of the longing for the Holy
Land, of the partisans’ might and of faith in the Messiah, and they include the traditional, spirited marriage song
that tempts both young and old to dance. Playing Klezmermusik is a
recognition of our Eastern European roots.

  • Michael Croitoru
  • Timna Brauer
  • Elias Meiri
  • Jannis Raptis