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Töne und Schichten des Erzählens
Part of the "Wort & Ton" series/ with Alexander Peer / in the studio

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In “Bis dass der Tod uns meidet” (“Until Death Rejects Us”), Alexander Peer has produced a challenging novel which is rich in allusion. On the surface, it tells the story of a relationship; but at another level it journeys into the history of European ideas, and hence into the history of European philosophy. The views of Friedrich Nietzsche play a particularly important part here. For the first-person narrator, the progressive disintegration of a relationship also leads to a process of resolution, and to a powerful and cathartic act of self-questioning – with patterns of identity being both developed and cast aside in the process.

The rhythm is set in prose, but the style has a musical air of its own. Alexander Peer presents extracts from the novel and talks with Erwin Uhrmann about writing longer texts and the interplay of language and music.

In the studio

Tickets: € 12