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Trio Amerling
Daniel Ottensamer in the MuTh

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“The clarinet is the instrument that comes closest to the human voice”, said Mozart. Blending voice and clarinet in a chamber music setting is thus a particularly exciting prospect, and one which has inspired numerous composers to produce real masterpieces. Franz Schubert’s “The Shepherd on the Rock” has to be included on this list; indeed, it is one of finest pieces in all the chamber music repertoire. But there are also some delightful pieces for the same instrumentation which are much less well-known. And of course each of the three instruments can feature as a solo.

Programme selection:
Franz Schubert: “The Shepherd on the Rock” (D 965)

  • Soprano: Romana Amerling
  • Clarinet: Daniel Ottensamer
  • Piano: Christoph Traxler