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Trotzdem (Nevertheless)

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Exhibition at MuTh from 18 March to 18 April 2016

Günther Patoczka 1956 – 2015

Patoczka studied at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, becoming a skilled scenic artist and costume designer. He worked in these areas with notable success on all the major stages of Europe. But his “personal” art had to find its own expression. And so, over the years, he developed a distinctive method of working, an approach which had its roots in Realism yet was very much his own. It might be described – and this probably does not give the full picture – as “expressive informality”. What was retained from his set painting was a complete mastery of his craft and the sense of a painter’s visual realm. This visual world forever revolved around the phenomena of space, colour and structure, and grew over time into a significant body of work. Günther Patoczka created wide, deep pictorial spaces, stretching within them nets of graphic elements and forms. This was contrasted with the economical use of pure colour in its own right, applied in a seemingly unending succession of layers to generate an impression of great depth. His lines were often expressively drawn; but in his case they can also be seen as edges, tectonic fault lines within the space. And it is here at these fault lines that we find the friction and the palpable release of energy that emerged in his works. His pieces are characterised by enormous dynamism, the hard-won result of lengthy artistic processes. Time and again they draw the viewer back to something new. And, precisely for that reason, they endure and continue to excite. With Patoczka’s passing, a major figure in contemporary painting has left us far too soon.
Meinrad Mayrhofer, Konsulent