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Try-out no. 15 in the Atelier
Try-out of new pieces of musical theatre

* abgespielt

Up close and personal: in the intimate atmosphere of the Atelier, artists present key scenes from two new, never previously performed pieces of musical theatre. The ensemble meets at noon and presents the new pieces at 8pm as read-throughs with musical accompaniment.

The opera Die Äbtissin (The Abbess) by Akos Banlaky takes a peek behind the abbey walls at some questionable and shocking goings-on. Expect visions and scenes of confusion.

The musical Bliss Bluster by Hans Fraeulin (text), Viktor Fortin (music) and Gerda Klimek (lyrics and concept) centres on a highly gifted physicist who invents an ingenious device know as the “Bliss-Bluster”. Using a surprisingly simple principle, this machine enables the user to instantly transform random objects into their original, as-new condition.

The ensemble: Ursula Baumgartl, Martin Berger, Eva Billisich, Camillo dell’Antonio, Tirza Gloger, Tania Golden, Lisa Gonnella, Sigrid Hauser, Gebhardt Heegmann, Clemens Kolbl, Reinwald Kranner, Herbert Lippert, Eva Maria Neubauer, Patricia Nessy, Claudia Pumberger, Lisa Rombach, Erich Schleyer, Thomas Weinhappel, Sarah Zechner and others.

Who will play who? Come along and find out!

Tickets: €18; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: €12