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Try-out session no.11
Try-out sessions for new pieces of musical theatre

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Our taster sessions are now into their fourth season. These musical theatre workshops enable a mutually beneficial exchange to take place. When necessary, they can also provide a “reality check”. A number of people have already been able to test out if and how their piece will really come across.

Thanks to the Studio’s intimate atmosphere, the “Try-out session” offers all those who perform the relevant pieces (the stars of today) a chance to work closely with the stars of tomorrow.

At each try-out session, we present extracts from two previously unseen works in the form of dramatic readings with music. Our ensemble of top-notch performers meets at noon to go through the pieces, and the results are presented at 8pm.

Our ensemble: Ursula Baumgartl, Martin Berger, Eva Billisich, Camillo dell’Antonio, Tirza Gloger, Tania Golden, Lisa Gonnella, Maya Hakvoort, Sigrid Hauser, Gebhardt Heegmann, Clemens Kölbl, Reinwald Kranner, Herbert Lippert, Eva Maria Neubauer, Patricia Nessy, Claudia Pumberger, Lisa Rombach, Erich Schleyer, Thomas Weinhappel, Sarah Zechner and many others.
Hosted by: Otto Jankovich. Musical direction: Alexander Jost.

Who will be singing? What will they sing? Come along and find out!
Tickets: € 18; Children and young people: € 12