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Try-out session no.9
Try-out session no. 9 for new pieces of musical theatre

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Hard to believe that this is our third season!
At each try-out session we rehearse excerpts from two previously unseen works, performing them as readings with music. On this occasion the works are: “Cyrano”, an opera by Akos Akos Banlaky, after the piece of the same name by Edmond Rostand; and “Lysistrate oder die Zerstörerin der Heere” (Lysistrata, or the She who Destroys Armies), a rock musical by Alexander Kral, based on Aristophanes’ comedy.

Our ensemble of top-notch performers meets at noon to go through the pieces — and at 8pm you can see them perform live, in real 3D! Wer singt was? (Who is singing what?) Come along and see!