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Marking the centenary of Gottfried von Einem / Children’s Opera in three acts

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A fairy tale: how planet Earth was bewitched, and how the spell was lifted.

On the centenary of composer Gottfried Einem (1918-1996), MuTh presents “Tulifant”, a “green” opera with libretto by Lotte Ingrisch and music by Gottfried von Einem. Princess Smaragda, the Earth, is being brutally exploited by Wüsterich, all in the name of progress. Only a child — Smaragda’s son Fridolin — can save her; but only if he succeeds in finding his father, Tulifant. He has two helpers at his side: Müff Müff, a dragon with a bad case of the snuffles, and Pelzchen, a cat. How does Fridolin do it? And how does he become the new Tulifant? Come along to MuTh and find out!

Tickets: Band A €33/ B €30/ C €27; box seats €43
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Direction: Beverly and Rebecca Blankenship