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A project created by the Opera Workshop of the Vienna Boys' Choir High School - in German

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In September 2012, the Vienna Boys’ Choir High School established its Opera Workshop. The aim of this project, which has a one-year timescale, is to create and perform an “opera” in conjunction with students of the upper school. The youngsters are involved in every aspect of the creative process, whether it’s the storyline, libretto, composition, choreography or costume design. No limits are imposed on the pupils’ creativity; in theory, this is a place where hip hop can meet the avant-garde.

“A piece like this may never be truly finished”. That could be one of the core themes of this Opera Workshop staged by the Vienna Boys’ Choir High School, since chance and improvisation deliberately play their part in its performance. But U-Musik is not strictly comparable with a real opera – it is more like a review. The piece envisages a sombre world in the near future, where human life is purely driven by economic considerations, and emotional matters (such as music) no longer have any place. It is only a pair of street musicians playing worn-out instruments in an underground metro station who manage to rescue this, one of the most important elements of our lives, for a “new” generation. During this process, the viewer becomes immersed in the many ages of musical history. The audience can expect musical “fireworks” and a truly emotional spectacle.

Ticket prices: Band A 15 € / B 13 € / C 11 €, Box seats 25 €
Children and young people: A 9 € / B 7 € / C 5 €

  • choreography: Elena Weber
  • artistic director: Titus Hollweg
  • artistic director: Emanuel Schulz