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Ulrich Drechsler & Yasmo, Foto: Daniel Shaked Ulrich Drechsler & Yasmo, Foto: Daniel Shaked

Ulrich Drechsler’s Liminal Zone: Caramel
Album Release Concert with Yasmo and Özlem Bulut / rescheduled from 8th May 2020

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Slam-Poetess Yasmo juggles words, the brilliant voice of Özlem Bulut radiates the sounds of World Music, and Ulrich Drechsler plays his bass clarinet with virtuoso style.
Completing the band’s elegant sound are Amir Ahmadis (piano), Oliver Steger (double bass) and Raphael Keuschnigg (drums).

Drechsler’s new album “Caramel” blends jazz improvisation with oriental expressiveness and the structural clarity of classical music.

Album launch: music embracing neo-classicism, minimalism, film music and jazz.

Tickets: Standard tickets: €30; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: €15

  • Bass clarinet: Ulrich Drechsler
  • Coloratura soprano: Özlem Bulut
  • Slam poetry: Yasmo
  • Piano: Amir Ahmadis
  • Double bass: oliver Steger
  • Drums: Raphael Keuschnigg