Musik & Theater

Valerie und die Gute-Nacht-Schaukel
von Mira Lobe | Ein Musical des SPZ Leopoldsgasse

* abgespielt

Valerie is a little girl who does not want to go to bed. Instead, she sits on her goodnight-swing and swings her way from one adventure to the next. She visits  Turbanland, the sea, and a farm in the mountains. She travels on the Animal Express  and has adventures as she toboggans and skis. Last of all, she goes to a circus performance.

Around a hundred pupils aged 6-18 from the Special Education Centre, 2 Leopoldsgasse, both with and without disabilities, will take the stage to play, dance, sing and make music together. This will be a colourful gathering in which space is made for the characteristics, abilities and strengths of each and every individual. It is being presented in honour of the great writer Mira Lobe, who would have been a hundred in 2013.

Tickets: €10, Children and young people: €5

  • musical director: Jürgen Bernert-Jagfeld
  • director: Agnes Palmisano
  • choreography: Attila Zanin
  • choreography: Hana Zanin
  • choreography: Nazir Merzo