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Leonardo de Angelis, Fotocredit: Filippo Vinard Leonardo de Angelis, Fotocredit: Filippo Vinard

Vienna, Roma. Friendship: De Angelis & Jasbar
Helmut Jasbar in The MuTh

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Guitar duos & solos.  Guitar virtuosi Leonardo De Angelis and Helmut Jasbar have been friends for over 20 years. Here they connect with their musical forebears in the melting pot of Vienna, transforming long-standing tradition into modern artistic pieces and caprices. In Schubert’s time, the Vienna was guitar-mad. Italian music was all the rage. It was so universal that a certain Anton Dämon re-branded himself as “Diabelli”. The city of music was a great metropolis, an artistic crucible that drew many travelling musicians under its spell and gave them inspiration. Niccolò Paganini’s first visit to Vienna in 1828 delighted him so much that he prolonged his stay and gave a total of 14 concerts. He received the title of Chamber Virtuoso of the Emperor of Austria, and started something of a cult. People took to wearing Paganini hats and Paganini gloves. And nowadays?

Music by Niccolo Paganini, Mauro Giuliani, Leonardo De Angelis, and Helmut Jasbar

  • Guitar: Leonardo De Angelis
  • Guitar & moderator: Helmut Jasbar