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Vienna Schubert Festival: Die Zauberharfe (“The Magic Harp”)
Baritone: Clemens Unterreiner. Orchestra: Junge Philharmonie Wien. Conductor: Michael Lessky

* abgespielt

The final chorus of this piece speaks of “Magic weaved through sound”; and sure enough, this beguiling music keeps leading us into spheres whose very existence we barely suspected. And it also reminds us of Schubert’s incomparable talent and unfinished work! The wonderful music of the “Zauberharfe” (D644) dates from 1820. It can now be heard for the first time as an orchestral suite, a kind of “Best of” selection from the unfinished opera. Clemens Unterreiner is yet another star from the Wiener Staatsoper to take the stage here in our “Junge Philharmonie in MuTh” cycle.

The Vienna Schubert Festival takes place every May and is presented by the Wien-Lichtental Schubert Society. It always offers an interesting insight into the Viennese composer’s highly varied musical oeuvre. Here at MuTh, Schubert’s works are mostly performed in an orchestral setting.


Franz Schubert: Die Zauberharfe – World premiere of the Suite (after Brian Newbould)
Alexander von Zemlinsky: Lustspiel-Ouvertüre (Comic overture) – Austrian premiere
Gustav Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer


  • Orchestra: Philharmonie Wien
  • Baritone: Clemens Unterreiner
  • Conductor: Michael Lessky