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Alauda Quartett Alauda Quartett

Point of departure: the First Viennese School
Alauda Quartet & Antonio Piricone

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Mozart and Beethoven were two of the greatest composers of the First Viennese School, and today they remain the period’s foremost representatives. The piano was one of the main solo and chamber music instruments of the time. We start our journey during this period, then travel back in time almost as far as Bach. Paul Hindemith wrote “Ludus tonalis” as a modern-day counterpart to Bach’s “Well-tempered piano”. Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8 was composed near Dresden, where Bach held the post of court composer. This concert is presented in cooperation with HELLO STAGE.

Tickets: €35/ €30/ €25, box seats €45
Children and young people: €20/ €15/ €9

  • Violin: Cristina Prats-Costa
  • Violin: Milan Berginc
  • Viola: Mari Adachi
  • Cello: Elena Cappelletti
  • Piano: Antonio Piricone