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Vier Movies
Winter Concert by the Akademischen Bläserphilharmonie Wien / Conductor: MMag. Andreas Simbeni

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The Akademische Bläserphilharmonie Wien, or ABW (the Academic Brass Philharmonic of Vienna), which is based in the Technischen Universität Wien (Vienna University of Technology), is a young symphonic brass orchestra. It recruits most of its members from , students with a passion for music as well as musicians from the academic environment. The ABW has a far-reaching “catchment area”; its members come not only from the various States of Austria, but also from neighbouring countries such as Germany and Italy, as well as from many other countries besides. The thread which binds the players together is their shared joy in developing and performing sophisticated music from the brass literature, coming from different stylistic periods.

Thomas Doss: Fanatic Winds
Eric Whitacre: Lux Aurumque
Guy Woolfenden: Gallimaufry
Paul Hertel: Vier Movies
Alfred Reed: Symphony No. 4

Tickets: € 18; Children and young people: € 10