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Voices for Peace concert
World Peace Choral Festival 2015

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From 22nd to 25th July 2015, Vienna, the global music capital, serves as a stage for children’s choirs and youth choirs from right around the world. This is the sixth time that Vienna has hosted this event, which takes as its theme “coming together to sing, singing for a better future”. The young participants, who hail from China, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Israel, have an important message to proclaim, which everyone should listen to: a call for world peace. The World Peace Choral Festival supports the choirs in their mission to promote transcultural understanding, mutual respect and harmony through their music.

1) The Golden Phoenix Choir of Henan Experimental Primary School (children’s choir from China)
2) The Nuremberg New Gymnasium Choir (youth choir from Germany.)
3) Seven Colour Choir of Zhenjiang Jiefang Road Primary School (children’s choir from China )
4) Yonat Youth Choir, Campus Kyriat Sharet, Holon, Israel (youth choir from Israel)
5) Golden Sail Choir of Shijia Primary School (children’s choir from China)
6) Münchner Mädchenchor (Munich Girls’ Choir – youth choir from Germany)
7) “Little Lark” Choir from Xi’an Primary School of Shaanxi Province (children’s choir from China)
8) Yip’s Children’s Choir (children’s choir from Hong Kong)

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