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Von hier aus (sound & poetry)
Wort & Ton / Atelier

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Part of the “Wort & Ton” (“Words & Sounds”) literature series produced by MuTh

Together with the Soundmanager and Instant Composer Michael Fischer, the author Dieter Sperl introduces his latest book, “Von hier aus”:

“Released from the structure of date-stamped journal entries, Sperl’s processes of knowing and dreaming marshall themselves in a wayward fashion, following the effective poetical strengths that lie within them; or, put another way, following principles of composition which transcend any form of regular hierarchical organisation. The rambling shape of his lecture – featuring aphorisms, ideas, sayings, short stories and splinters of thought (often just a sentence long) – allowed surprising synergies to be formed between the seemingly incompatible and enabled the flexibility of the mind to be increased, in order to be able – as Sperl put it –  to shift the “flight corridors of one’s own existence”.

Tickets: € 12