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Wer hat Angst vorm bösen Wolf! (Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf! In German.)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Grown-ups / Erich Schleyer & SainMus

* abgespielt

Change to programme: due to this production’s huge success, “ Wer hat Angst vorm bösen Wolf!” will now be shown at MuTh. “Handschuh” (Glove) has been postponed to Autumn 2017. All tickets purchased for this date are still valid, or they can be exchanged if preferred. If you have any questions, please e-mail

A journey — both serious and light-hearted — into the dark recesses of the human soul. A dramatic reading with Erich Schleyer, set to music. Two hundred years ago, the Brothers Grimm published their collection of fairy tales. Originally, the book was only produced for academic interest. With stories such as Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Bluebeard, the original versions of the stories were not exactly X-rated. But subsequently, to make the tales suitable for children, sexual allusions were toned down, wonder and magic supplanted robust eroticism, and morality was used to avoid any scandal.

In “Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Grown-ups”, Schleyer, accompanied by the duo SainMus, presents the stories with all the double-entendres and explicit allusions in the original texts still intact. SainMus comprises Vienna musicians Clemens Sainitzer on the cello and Philipp Erasmus on guitar, treading that narrow path between improvisation and composition.