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#werther The Goethe classic re-worked for a new generation
The Goethe classic re-worked for a new generation

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#werther tells Goethe’s classic tale of love and suffering, re-worked for a new generation. The original text has been brought into a modern context, revealing its eternal relevance and poetic power. Werther is a young romantic trying to find his place in the world – a world that seems to stand open to him, yet gives him nothing to hold onto.
The search for identity and happiness and for a human relationship with depth and meaning is just as relevant in these days of social media as it was over 200 years ago. And the same question still troubles us: just how unconditional can love be?

  • Director: Helena Scheuba
  • Josef Ellers

"Mitreißender, multimedialer #werther! Humorvolle, konzentrierte mit neuen Medien arbeitende und die vielleicht spannendste Version von Goethes Briefroman-Klassiker. Ein wunderbarer, kurzweiliger, von vielen Lachern durchsetzter Abend klassischer Literatur ins Hier und Jetzt übertragen!“ (Kurier 15.04.2016)