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Chorus Juventus at MuTh

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Chorus Juventus perform a programme of selected Romantic pieces, presenting us with a glorious richness of sounds. They lead us on a musical journey right across Europe, on a route with many twists and turns. The musical world of the Romantic period offers a refuge for human longing and sensitivity. This programme of predominantly a cappella pieces also includes some instrumental “surprise guests”.

Programme: Works by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, Reger, Saint Saëns, Elgar, Rheinberger, Fauré, Tchaikovsky, Zajc etc. The programme also includes some solo performances.

A production by the High School Senior Class of the Vienna Boys’ Choir

Tickets: Band A €21/ B €18/ C €14; box seats €31
Children and young people: A €13 / B €10 / C €8