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Christian Altenburger at MuTh

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Beethoven’s ten violin sonatas represent milestones in the piano / violin duo literature. In our 2016/17 season, Christian Altenburger and Markus Schirmer continue their joint exploration of this repertoire with sonatas Op. 23, Op. 24 and Op. 30/2. During the evening, the wonderful Andrea Eckert will set selected texts against the Beethoven sonatas.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for piano and violin in A minor, Op. 23
Sonata for piano and violin in F minor, Op. 24
Sonata for piano and violin in C minor, Op. 30/2
Selected texts

Tickets: Band A €34/ B €29/ C €24; box seats €44
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Piano: Markus Schirmer
  • Violin: Christian Altenburger
  • Recitation: Andrea Eckert