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Foto: Ursula Müller

Zirkus Furioso
A musical circus, for children of every age - and grown-ups too!

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Leo Pimpelmoser is the ringmaster of the circus. Things are not going well for him. First Bella Stella, his assistant, runs away. Then Grozzlicek the animal trainer tells him that the bear doesn’t want to perform. Meanwhile the foolish August, his replacement assistant, gets in the way continuously. And then to top it all, the tiger escapes. There’s no denying that August is a clumsy clown. But when things get desperate, he always has a brilliant idea. And so it is that, despite all these mishaps, the audience still gets to see a breath-taking circus. A performance full of wonder and laughter — fuel for children’s dreams.  Finally, the tiger and Bella Stella reappear. And Pimpelmoser the ringmaster is overjoyed.

A Vienna Boys’ Choir Primary School production

Suitable for families with children aged six and over.

Tickets: Band A €20/ B €18/ C €15; box seats €28; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: A €11 / B €9 / C €7; school groups €5

  • Music: Peter Schindler
  • Text: Babette Diederich
  • Production: Arnold Schlecter
  • Production: Ursula Müller