Musik & Theater

Zur Hölle (To Hell – in German)
An allegorical drama in 32 tableaus by Philipp Mosetter / rescheduled from 16th May 2020

Two tables, two chairs, and a total of 86 roles. Wolfram Berger tackles 85 of these, as well as the part of the Chorus. Philipp Mosetter has just one part; but he also has to take care of the stage directions and – when needed – describe the scene on the stage. The story concerns an unknown writer called Werner. He is terminally ill. Nevertheless, he does everything in his power to avoid taking his place in the “Writers’ Hell”.

Tickets: Standard tickets: €18; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: €12

  • Recitation: Philipp Mosetter
  • Recitation: Wolfram Berger