TU 24.
10:00 AM
Bilder einer Ausstellung

Bilder einer Ausstellung – Pictures at an Exhibition

A production of Wiener Taschenoper and the Natalia Sats-Theatre, Moscow

Musical theatre | Play | 6+ | Children | Family | School, primary level

The famous classic in a new guise: Wolfgang Mitterer “remixes” the Mussorgsky piano original and Ravel’s orchestral arrangement with his own unique soundworld. Kirill Simonov, the choreographer and one-time solo dancer at the world-famous Mariinski Theatre in St. Petersburg, collaborates with Vyacheslav Okunev, one of Russia’s most celebrated set and costume designers. Together they present the story of this visit to an exhibition as a piece of modern dance theatre for children, while still reflecting the tale’s roots in classical Russian ballet.

Eine Produktion des Natalia Sats-Theaters Moskau, koproduziert von der Wiener Taschenoper

Wolfgang Mitterer Musikalische Bearbeitung und Elektronik
Kirill Simonov Choreographie
Vyacheslav Okunev Bühne und Kostüme
Mitglieder der Ballettkompanie des Natalia Sats-Theaters Moskau Tanz
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  • Schulpreis pro Kind/Jugendliche/r | 5,00 €
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