SA 31.
7:30 PM
Christof Spörk


Musical cabaret for New Year’s Eve with Christof Spörk and Alberto Lovison

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It could be dahaam or dahoam or daheim (“at home”). No matter. Dahaam can mean heavenly relaxation. But Dahaam could also be Hell itself. Things taste best at Dahaam. Or only half as nice as at that place around the corner. There’s always something going on at Dahaam. Except when we’re watching TV. At Dahaam, everything is always done properly. Either that, or well wide of the mark. At Dahaam, everything is sparkling clean. Or utter chaos. At Dahaam, we lean how to walk and fall down, to play and to cheat. to live and to lie. We make purchases at Dahaam. And then Amazon bring them. Everything is private at Dahaam. Yet highly political at the same time. Dahaam is global climate change in miniature. At Dahaam, the kid’s room is awash with a sea of plastic from China. At Dahaam, everything is different, yet much is the same. And all around is Austria. To prevent “Dahaam” from becoming too Austrian, Christof Spörk has chosen Alberto Lovison, the energetic drummer and quick-witted bassist, to accompany him for the first time. Dahaam is found throughout Italy. Except for New Year’s Eve, when there is no Dahaam. And that’s because Dahaam is at MuTh.

Christof Spörk Rezitation, Gesang
Alberto Lovison Musik
Gabi Rothmüller Regie
Ticket prices:
  • Kategorie A | 55,00 €
  • Kategorie B | 50,00 €
  • Kategorie C | 45,00 €
  • Loge | 65,00 €
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