WE 14.
7:30 PM
Tickets available from 24. Sep 2022
Volkhard Steude


Gala concert with Volkhard Steude and the MuTh Jubilee ensemble

Chamber music | Orchestral music | Concert | Adults

“Over the last ten years we have found an artistic home here at MuTh. This is a place which has welcomed us as people, shown us understanding, and always been open to our ideas. I think now is the time to give something back to MuTh, even if it’s only a little of our time and our skill”, said Volkhard Steude, who has invited his MuTh colleagues to a grand gala concert. This wonderful evening is an opportunity to hear what makes MuTh special, and to celebrate the exciting future that lies ahead. All those involved have foregone their fees, and the evening’s proceeds will be used to facilitate new projects.

Volkhard Steude Geige
ausgewählte MuTh-Künstler:innen Ensemble, Solist:innen
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