Musik & Theater


Eine Pilgerfahrt zu Beethoven (A pilgrimage to Beethoven) V
Erwin Steinhauer, Recitation / Florian Krumpöck, Piano

For the course of an evening, actor Erwin Steinhauer and pianist Florian Krumpöck bring back to Vienna the revolutionary spi...

Spiritual Dimensions
Celebrating a hundred years since the arrival of a leading Yogi in the West

A Kriya Yoga Centre production In 1920 Paramahamsa Yogananda (1893-1952) left India for America, bringing with him the wis...

Zur Hölle (To Hell – in German)
An allegorical drama in 32 tableaus by Philipp Mosetter / rescheduled from 16th May 2020

Two tables, two chairs, and a total of 86 roles. Wolfram Berger tackles 85 of these, as well as the part of the Chorus. Phili...