MO 08.
10:00 AM
Gustav Klimt: Judith

Vienna Young Philharmonic : FEMMES FATALES


Orchestral music | Concert | 16+ | Young people | Adults | School, secondary level

Lulu, and self-image among women today.

Through the character of Lulu and the music of Alban Berg’s “Lulu suite”, this presentation throws a light on the modern phenomenon of young women promoting themselves on social media. Is Instagram now the place where society displays itself – for me? For an audience? For men? For women?

The literary figure of Lulu and her embodiment in one of the most important works in 20th-century music ought offer a good opportunity for critical reflection on the images of women and men contained within those two sources, both in a socio-historical context and in relation to personal experiences and present-day values.

ALBAN BERG Lulu-Suite, symphonische Stücke aus der Oper „Lulu“ (1934)

Junge Philharmonie Wien Orchester
Sera Goesch Sopran
Nikolaus Lessky Schauspieler
Michael Lessky Dirigent
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