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mathias rüegg


A rather special encounter | mathias rüegg

Chamber music | Lieder & singing | Concert | Adults

Jazz adaptations and Lied in its classic form: interpretations of “Dichterliebe” by tenor Juraj Holly and pianist Ladislav Fančowič, enmeshed with arrangements by Lia Pale and mathias rüegg. Musical perspectives start to shift. In 2018, for a project in Cologne, mathias rüegg wrote new arrangements for 12 of Robert Schumann’s Lieder, and expanded on the idea of setting them alongside the originals. Before they knew it, Holly was singing to rüegg’s accompaniment, Pale sang accompanied by Fančowič, the piano parts  entwined and all the boundaries grew blurred.

ROBERT SCHUMANN „Dichterliebe“ op. 48, original und in Arrangements von mathias rüegg

Lia Pale Gesang
Juraj Holly Tenor
Ladislav Fančovič Klavier
mathias rüegg Klavier
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