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1000 und eine Wahrheit


Fairytales old and new from Persia | CLOSE UP – music at close quarters | curated by Irene Suchy

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The ensemble LUX, accompanied by the outstanding musicians Khosro Soltani and Rosboo, presents an extraordinary concert entitled “1000 und eine Wahrheit – Alte und neue Märchen aus Persie” (1000 and One Truths – Fairytales Old and New from Persia). This programme seamlessly blends classical string quartet music with the distinctive sounds of Ney, Duduk, and Santur, creating a harmonious musical bridge between the Orient and the Occident.

The concert invites you on a journey of discovery through improvisations, miniatures and works by composers such as Zoltan Kodaly, Thomas Wally, Reza Vali and György Kurtag. Each piece contributes in its own way to exploring the rich musical landscape of Persia and its links to European musical traditions.

The fusion of traditional Persian instruments with a classical string quartet produces a distinctive sonic landscape, breathing life into ancient Persian tales while celebrating the richness of contemporary musical expression.
Audiences can anticipate a profound musical experience that transcends cultural boundaries, fostering a dialogue between diverse musical traditions from around the world.

Improvisationen, Miniaturen und andere Werke von ZOLTAN KODALY, THOMAS WALLY, REZA VALI und GYÖRGY KURTAG

Ensemble Lux
Khosro Soltani
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