SA 22.
4:00 PM
Kater Caruso


An adventure with Caruso the musical cat and Herbert Lippert

Musical theatre | World Music | Lieder & singing | Performance | Classic | Concert | 3+ | Children | Adults | Family | Kindergarten | School, primary level

With that wonderful voice, Herbert should be giving a concert! But instead he’s brought paint and paintings onto the stage. He’s running about aimlessly. First he sings, then he takes up the paint brush … What on earth is going on? Caruso has an idea . . .

It was 2013 when Caruso, the young ginger tomcat, first took to the stage. Since then he has brought out several CDs recounting his exciting adventures. He also has his own theme song, and even his own app! Now, with a marvellous musical mixture of classical, jazz, folk music, and children’s songs, he shows just how much fun can be had on the stage.

Klassik, Jazz, Volksmusik, Kinderlieder

Stefan Buri Fagott und Kater Caruso
Annina Röllin Klavier
Herbert Lippert Tenor und Maler
Christina Buri Dialoge und Requisiten
Stefan Buri Künstlerische Leitung
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